Fairy Land Story


Collect all the stars in fantasy land


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Meet Dorthy, a girl who dreams of adventure, in the colorful game Fairy Land Story. Your young protagonist has an illness that confines her to a wheelchair, but that won't stop her from living her dreams.

This adventure is very special, and not only for it's beautiful esthetics. Slide your finger across this screen to guide your protagonist around all the obstacles in her way. Your mission? Survive the game's fifty screens while collecting as many stars as possible.

The stars are the driving force in Fairy Land Story, collect enough stars in each level to advance to the next, or you'll have to start the level over. Stars are also used to unlock objects and characters to wander though all the beautiful places in this Warm Heart Studios title.

Every aspect of Fairy Land Story is stunningly beautiful. Each of the adventure's seven chapters has a captivating esthetic, and the imaginative obstacles look like they could be from a Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale. Try this unique game and be immersed in a dazzling kaleidoscope of color.
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Android 4.1 or higher required


The maximum level automatically unlocks after several days